Distribution agreement Panel Components – Delcon Ltd. (Finland)

In September 2017 was signed an agreement for the distribution in Italy, via Panel Components, of products manufactured by Delcon Ltd.

In February 2018, after a technical-commercial course at the headquarters Delcon in Nummela, Finland, the agreement became operative.

Delcon Ltd., Finnish Company founded in 1975, is specialized in the production of

The technology used in the development of these relays offers remarkable advantages compared to the traditional solid state and electromechanical relays.

In fact it assures a longer life with operativity free of typical issues show in most difficult industrial applications, where noise and interferences could cause serious problems of function of all the system.

The range of products includes also ATEX models for applications in hazardous areas. The catalogues of products are in the section components under the title…

Delcon operates in more than 20 Countries troughout official authorized distributors. The major application sectors of its products are: energy generation, chemical and petrochemical, paper production, cargo-handling and loading unloading goods (mostly in the harbors).

Delcon’s major customers are market’s leaders in their areas of expertise.